Pool Renovations


As your swimming pool ages, its tile and coping may become discolored, stained, cracked or even be missing. Or you may want to give your pool a completely new look!

Our professional crews will make your tile/coping renovation easy, neat and quick. We offer an extensive selection of tile and coping for you to choose from.





This picture is truly worth a thousand words. Take a look at the “before” and “after,” and you’ll see why it makes so much sense to let Platinum Pool’s professionals reorganize and replumb your pool filter pad to eliminate confusion and make your pool easy to operate. We can replace your old outdated swimming pool equipment with new and efficient filters, heaters and pumps to keep your pool water comfortable and clean.





Water is the most powerful of elements, and under its constant wear, every pool surface begins to roughen. It may discolor and even hurt your feet. That’s when it’s time to resurface.

  • Our resurfacing services include:
  • Sandblast and prep existing pool surface
  • Remove loose debris
  • Bond coat and add the surface of your choice: plaster, Diamondbrite or paint



If you are already renovating the pool, consider the landscape plantings, the pool decking, and the surrounding accessory features. The time is right to allow Team Platinum to update the total pool environment.