Pool Opening & Closing

Our inground swimming pool repair services are second to none! Our extensive fleet and highly trained pool technicians are able to handle all pool-related repairs. We also have 24-hour on-call swimming pool technicians to service your after-hour needs. When your equipment has reached its end, Platinum Pools is able to install the newest most efficient equipment available.



  • Remove and store winter cover in storage location
  • Drain swimming pool unless specified by homeowner
  • Chemically clean pool interior, tile, and rinse pool deck
  • Install all rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment
  • Start filling the pool
  • Return to start the filtration equipment
  • Chemically balance the water



  • Drain pool to winterized level
  • Remove lights from niches
  • Remove rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment
  • Drain all pool equipment
  • Blow out water from all piping and induce anti-freeze
  • Plug all applicable piping to prevent water from entering the plumbing
  • Remove cartridges from filter and clean
  • Install winter cover